Uncomfortable, but Necessary, Conversations about Water

If you're here, then the name of our blog did its job. For many, the word "moist" is uncomfortable, much like the conflict that arises from conversations related to the scarcity (drought) or surplus (flood) of water.

Water plays a critical role in the environment, society, and government (ESG) sectors with impacts to quality of life, economic value, natural resources, and public safety. The ever-growing population and historical weather and climate events require our attention - however moist and uncomfortable that may be. 

The MOIST blog is a vessel to:

  • Motivate action from my loyal followers to actively engage in resilient, sustainable solutions to water resources problems

  • Open your mind to the complexity of weather and water and how together they impact nearly every facet of your daily life

  • Inspire you by engaging scientists and engineers focused on innovative ways to translate research findings into useful on-the-ground decision-making tools 

  • Share my passion for weather and water through informative and educational blogs, podcasts, and social media posts

  • Transform uncomfortable subjects in the realm of water into your most enjoyable daily "bite"

So, please join me at the water table!

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